Water Treatment Systems

It’s safe to assume water piped into our homes and businesses contains naturally occurring soluble minerals. These minerals lead to what is considered “hard” water. Soft water is water that has been filtered or “softened” to remove minerals. Almost all water that isn't softened has some degree of hardness, which means there are minerals present in the :water.


When hard water is heated in a commercial water heater, minerals in the water are precipitated from the water and deposit in a solid form. Those minerals stick to whatever surface they touch, including less visible, but potentially more problematic deposits in your pipes and water heater. Over time, those deposits can cause both clogged pipes and damaged water heating :equipment.


To get true soft water, your business needs a well-maintained water treatment :system.

Routine maintenance of your water treatment system determines the life of your entire water system, including commercial water heaters, fixtures, piping, valves and more. Don't underestimate the value of soft water for your business! Soft water will save you money and keep your equipment at peak :performance.


As with most commercial plumbing equipment, water treatment systems vary in size and specifications based on your business’ specific needs - this is not a one-size-fits all system. At Heichel Plumbing, we ensure that the water system fits your specific :needs.

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