Septic Tank & Drain Field Services

A commercial septic system is necessary when there is no public sewage in the area. Convenience stores, hotels, schools, and apartment buildings are commercial buildings that require septic systems in place of a public sewer. One of the most critical components of any septic system is the drain field. As part of the underground filtration system, the drain field guarantees proper function of the septic system.


While you may not always be able to tell when your drain field is clogged, the following may indicate a potential problem:

  • Strong odors
  • Persistent or odd noises coming from pipes
  • Slow or no draining water
  • Wet spots on surrounding yard
  • Higher than normal water bill
  • Water rising through lower lever floor drains


At Heichel Plumbing, we offer full inspection services to ensure your commercial septic system is functioning properly. Our team is committed to serving our clients with tailored solutions to fit their specific needs. Our goal is to prevent immediate septic issues and mitigate problems as they arise.


We encourage our clients to schedule routine maintenance for their septic systems to maintain performance. As a full-service company, we can address all issues related to your septic system and general plumbing. At Heichel Plumbing, you can be assured that our team will go above and beyond to keep your commercial septic system clean and efficient.

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